Local Support

Our consultants all live and work in New York City. We’re always available in a New York minute and never more than a short distance away from your business. Only have a New York Minute? We’re faster than that!

Have you ever tried remote support from an overseas company? How often was the service actually helpful? We find that our clients, who live, work and breathe New York expect more. It needs to be faster, smarter, more knowledgeable and more reliable than any offshore support could ever be. That’s why we are headquartered and work strictly within NYC. Not only will you enjoy talking to us over the phone, but if for any reason we can’t fix it remotely, we’ll send an onsite tech to resolve the problem in person.

Our strength is knowledge. We know your systems and have a complete inventory of what is in your office, how the people work together, and their roles in the organization. We can safely prioritize and find solutions for a host of problems that would normally leave other tech companies stumped.