Network Administration

Have you experienced network downtime, bounced emails, lack of internet connection or any of a range of problems?

Are any of these terms familiar to you?
  • “Your message did not reach one or more recipients”
  • “Connection to host lost”
  • “The resource is unavailable”
  • “The network drive or location could not be located”
  • “There was an error connecting you to X:\”
  • “This page could not be displayed”
  • “Contact your network administrator”

Have these issues caused an interruption to your business? Is anyone taking control of your environment to solve these problems?

Network Confusion, Disconnection and Disarray

Who is taking charge of these issues or are you getting a myriad of excuses from various parties?

A true technology expert should be giving you straightforward information on every error event and what the cause and solution are. If you’re hearing anything but the truth, call IT Consulting NY and get the straight story about computers, internet, email and networking.