Computer Services

From the simplest  Word or Excel error to the most complex malware/virus, our team has the experience and tools to solve your problems quickly. We’re focused on providing PC and Mac assistance for every type of problem. Check out our case studies for past solutions.

Network Administration

Having issues connecting to servers, printers or the internet? Typical network assistance involves looking at the environment variables and making concrete decisions about where bottlenecks exist and how to solve them. Our team is highly skilled in finding the root of the problems and providing real solutions. From virus-cleaning firewalls to high-performance switching and routing, your systems could never be in better working order.

Server Hardware

We build premium NYTE business servers, far more serviceable than Dell/HP/IBM equipment yet fully half the price of comparable models. Any business server should be reliable, robust, redundant and restorable. With a virtual server running VMware, clients can consolidate 5 or more pieces of hardware into a single 3″ high rack-mount server designed for the rigors of business computing in a greener, more efficient package.


At the core of any business is its access to email, ability to interact with databases, and running various applications such as Quickbooks, Quicken, Act!, Goldmine, Peachtree, Sage or other solutions. Supporting those software elements is critical to what we do for all of our clients, every day. If you can’t seem to get connected, open tabs or publish data that you need to get to your customers, we’re here to help.